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Direct from the front line, I share my insights into the working world and proven strategies for how you can position yourself to get what you want in your career and personal life. Speaking from decades of experience as a woman in a male-dominated field, my blogs are all about fostering diversity and advocating for equality. You could say it’s a life-long crusade of mine.

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Financial wellness in the workplace

My story If you’ve followed my personal story online via my Alice TV eps or blogs, you would know something about the catastrophic financial mess I found myself in about 15years ago. I often talk about my journey from financial chaos and denial to financial freedom in my presentations and workshops for a number of…

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My Story

My Story


Alice Crawley’s personal story makes any audience sit up and listen. Now a successful businesswoman with a high-flying career, Alice was once a compulsive overspender in $185,000 of credit card debt. Now a corporate speaker and self-wealth coach, Alice teaches the same techniques that helped her pay down the debt and triple her income in a year.

Alice TV



Always uplifting and insightful, Alice TV is a fun, bite-sized format that helps professionals find their voice, speak up and value their contribution in the workplace. A five-minute way to put a smile on your face and learn something useful at the same time.




In her corporate workshops and speaking engagements, Self-Wealth Coach Alice Crawley shows professionals how to negotiate effectively, promote diversity and deal with unconscious bias. Using techniques grounded in psychology, Alice helps participants voice their value, stand up to difficulty and positively position themselves at work.

My Story



In her online programs, Alice brings a warm, honest and enthusiastic approach to setting women up with skills and strategies for a lifetime of success. Her passion is helping women know their worth, ask for more and live the wonderfully wealthy lives they deserve.

Wonder Book

Alice Crawley’s 3-part guide
to living a wonderful,
wealthy life

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