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Regular insights, candid anecdotes and practical steps for living in flow and clearing your path to career and personal success. I help you eliminate unsupportive patterns and build your personalised roadmap to unlimited money and abundance.


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The smart way to thrive in a male-dominated workplace

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with a female executive over the past six months – a rare treat. She’s someone who’s done incredibly well in a very ‘blokey’ industry. I’m so impressed by her ability to handle difficult situations with heavy-hitting managers at all levels. What I love most about this woman is…

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What gives, Australia?

As a Canadian-Australian woman, I was bursting with pride when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed a Canadian cabinet with an equal number of men and women late last year. The first. Both ethnically and gender-diverse, it was a cabinet created to reflect Canada as a nation. I loved that, when President Trudeau was asked…

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My Story

My Story


Alice Crawley’s personal story makes any audience sit up and listen. Now a successful businesswoman with a high-flying career, Alice was once a compulsive overspender in $185,000 of credit card debt. The corporate speaker and self-wealth coach now teaches the same techniques that helped her pay down the debt and triple her income in a year.

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Always uplifting and insightful, Alice TV is a fun, bite-sized format that helps professionals find their voice, speak up and value their contribution in the workplace. A five-minute way to put a smile on your face and learn something useful at the same time.




In her corporate workshops and speaking engagements, Self-Wealth Coach Alice Crawley shows professionals how to negotiate effectively, promote diversity and deal with unconscious bias. Using techniques grounded in psychology, Alice helps participants voice their value, stand up to difficulty and positively position themselves at work.

My Story



In her online programs, Alice brings a warm, honest and enthusiastic approach to setting women up with skills and strategies for a lifetime of success. Her passion is helping women know their worth, ask for more and live the wonderfully wealthy lives they deserve.