Learn your worth. Earn your worth.

I’ve been told that my remarkable personal story makes any audience sit up and listen. It proves that people can change; they can triumph over self-doubt and destructive patterns to succeed personally and professionally.

Now a successful businesswoman with a fulfilling career, in the mid-2000s I was a compulsive overspender and chronic under-earner with serious self-wealth issues of my own.

By my mid-30s, I had accumulated $185,000 of credit card debt across two continents and could see no way out. Urged to declare bankruptcy, I defied advice and vowed to pay off my debt. In just five years, I had done it. It took a lot more than just sheer determination and thrift. To get there, I had to change my own core beliefs and thinking patterns of a lifetime.

Now I coach clients using the same techniques that helped me double my income in two months, triple it in a year and pay down all that debt. I started Alice Crawley Pty Ltd in 2013 to help people take back control of their finances and careers.

My extensive journey through the rabbit hole of debt and my career as a Senior Cultural Transformation Consultant gives me a unique perspective and allows me to be a fresh and captivating commentator on women’s financial issues.

I have been featured on Channel Nine’s The Today Show, Debrief Daily, Women’s Agenda, David Koch’s Money Makeover, Money Brilliant, The Daily Mail and ABC Radio. I travel the country and am a highly sought after keynote speaker across professional networks with private and public sector.

In my corporate workshops and speaking engagements as a Self-Wealth Coach I show professionals how to negotiate effectively, promote meaningful engagement and bring personal and cultural transformation to life.


Alice Crawley 2016 Corporate Workshop Topics

  • Meaningful Engagement

  • Bringing transformation and cultural change to life

  • Self-Wealth Coaching for leaders and teams

Alice Crawley 2016 Keynote Address Topics

  • How diversity drives innovation

  • Developing a ‘Self-Wealth’ culture

  • Financial and employee wellness in the workplace

Engage Me


To engage me for 1:1 or group coaching, customised consulting, leadership facilitation, tailored workshops and programs or keynote addresses for your business please email alice@alicecrawley.com.

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