Money Mindset Coaching

Are you ready to live your most wonderfully wealthy life?

When we are financially free we are able to live the lives we most desire and fulfil a purpose which is deeply meaningful to us.

In my money mindset coaching sessions I work with you to clear the blocks to your financial and personal success and help you build your personalised roadmap to unlimited money and abundance.

My Background

I have extensive experience and a passion for working with people to transform their lives financially and personally. I have been working as a coach, counsellor, trainer and mentor in corporate and private practice globally for over 14 years.

My coaching principles

I work on the basis that both inner work and outer work is important when it comes to achieving success in any area of your life.
The inner work - focusses on the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes we must shift to transform ourselves and our lives.
The outer work - focusses on repeated actions, habits and behaviours which we must implement to ensure lasting change.

What to expect

My coaching style is targeted, powerful and effective. I work with you to identify what's preventing you from achieving what you want, clearing your blocks and resistance and equipping you with the tools and strategies to achieve your financial and personal goals.

Why work with me?

If anyone knows about transforming their relationship with money, its me. I was $184000 in credit card due due to years of chronic underearning and compulsive overspending. Now I live from a place of financial and personal responsibility and freedom.
I draw on years of extensive professional and personal experience in financial transformation to ensure that sessions are highly customised and targeted to meet your needs. My clients report amazing break-throughs when working with me. Experience has shown me that the best results for my clients are achieved in four to six sessions.

Sessions available

1:1 mentoring sessions - 1 hour $400 per session - available in person or via Skype or phone - first session 90 mins to get personal history - each session after that 60 mins. Includes action plan and weekly email follow up.
4 sessions paid up front - $ 1800 ($440 a session)
6 sessions paid up front - $ 2400 ($400 a session)


Email Alice at money mentoring @ alicecrawley dot com to book a one on one money mentoring session.

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